Working in Concert to Improve PKU Treatment Options

Even with management, PKU can still affect your daily life.

Maintaining a strict lifelong diet can be difficult and frustrating. Spikes in phenylalanine (Phe) levels can lead to trouble concentrating, depression, and other problems. That’s why we’re working to create more options to help you better manage your PKU.

Synlogic is conducting a phase 2 open-label clinical research study to evaluate the effectiveness (changes in blood Phe), safety, and tolerability of potential new treatment options for PKU.

Potential new types of oral treatment for PKU.

Enrolling study participants diagnosed with classic PKU, ages 18 years and older.

Study participants receive close care and monitoring.

Study participants receive the study drug and assessments at no cost.

Study participants have the option to participate either at a study clinic or at a remote location such as their home with a home health professional.

Compensation for participation, including travel and study-related activities, will also be available.

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